“After seeing the quality of their houses, and the people, we were willing to wait… to get our house made, because it was worth it. – Payal Yusaf






“Fortune Home Builders — they are professionals. They put together a team… they all know what they need to be doing, and they all do it to the best of their ability.” – Michael Amicucci





“I love the flow of the house, it works beautifully. It honestly was fun. I love our house!” – Diana Scott Jonas






“It’s a quality product, quality people, and people that I felt I could trust. It’s well designed and well-presented.” – Gerry Deitchman






“We met everyone, and the team was great. We’re not going anywhere — this is it!” – Amber Amicucci






“We thought they could build us a home that we could live in and raise our children in. At the end of the day, we got the home that we wanted.” – Ali Yusaf





“It’s just a very warm place, it feels very much like home, which is exactly the feeling we had hoped for.” – Greg Jonas






“I think it’s a great house, we’re very happy with everything in it, they were great to work with, and they made it easy.” – Susan Deitchman